Random Thoughts From My Random Head

Grouchy people are the worst. They’re responsible for a lot of the suckage in this world and I think they should be quarantined until they can learn to be awesome like the rest of us. We could rope off one of the lesser-used states and just send all the grouchy people there to live. I’m thinking North Dakota, maybe. I mean, are we really using North Dakota? We could rename it Get Over Yourselfville, or Get Off Of My Grasstown, and the grouchy residents could snarl and harrumph at each other to their hearts’ content, leaving the rest of us to the business of making the world a better place.

You know who else should be quarantined? Slow movers. People who amble leisurely across the road while traffic sits at a standstill waiting for them to make the far curb. People who take up the whole grocery aisle or the entire sidewalk and just inch along like glaciers, taking in all of the sights as though they’ve never seen anything as wondrous and all-engrossing as a box of prunes or a dress in a shop window. I’m not talking about the handicapped or the elderly; I have endless patience for them. I’m talking about people with too much time and too little purpose, and the whole aisle for Pete’s sake. Put a nickel in it, Toots. The rest of us have things to do.

Slow drivers make me borderline homicidal. I tend to think of speed limits as just polite suggestions anyway. I’m not an “enjoy the journey” kind of person. I hate to drive. I want to get in the car and just teleport to where I’m going. Could somebody please make this a thing? On my way home yesterday, while still on base, I got stuck behind an SUV that was creeping along at 5 KM an hour. The speed limit was 40, and this guy was doing 5. Five. What kind of passive-aggressive douchecanoe drives 5 in a 40? What was he afraid of? Tearing a hole in the space-time continuum? Falling off the edge of the planet? I was nearly weeping with frustration by the time I got to a place where I could pass him. I am not nearly Zen enough for this kind of crap. I want to get home.

Random thoughts:

I spend way too much time on Pinterest and Foodgawker. In case you don’t have time for such things, here are the latest food bandwagons, food I see everywhere online, but just don’t get:

Smoothies. Very trendy, and a complete mystery to me. I love to chew. I love to chew things that fill up the pizza-shaped cavern in my soul. And I don’t believe in drinking my calories unless there’s alcohol involved. I guess technically you could call a Bloody Mary a smoothie, in which case I take it all back and you can count me directly in on the smoothie craze.

Kale. Kale is the new black. It’s big in smoothies, and soups and salads and actually everywhere. You can’t escape kale. It’s in every nook and cranny of the internet, infiltrating recipes like a bitter, burlap-textured virus. Superfood. Superawesome. Woot. **jazzhands** So tired of the subject of kale. Handy Protip: kale is also a sandblaster for your colon. Just in case, yanno, you ever need that kind of information.

Paleo. The Paleo Diet is where you only eat what the cavemen ate (never mind that the cavemen went—hello—extinct). So you can eat, for instance, a mastodon and a bushel of crab apples, but you can’t eat any grains because those wacky cavehumans didn’t farm. People on the Paleo bandwagon expend enormous effort adapting recipes to comply with the Paleo guidelines. Paleo Chocolate Cherry Muffins. No idea how they make those without grains or eggs or sugar. Sorcery, probably. Paleo Blueberry-Cheesecake Ice Cream, surely a favorite of our cavecesters. Paleo Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignon. Just like Australopithecus ate.

I also don’t get the craze for:

Salted caramel everything. Sure, it tastes divine, like the tears of angels or the innocence of small children, but you can’t turn a corner in the Internet these days without someone flinging caramel sauce and sea salt on you. Enough already.

Cupcakes. I don’t want a palm-sized piece of cake. Don’t fence me in like that, bro. I want the whole cake and a fork and the freedom to go at it until I hate myself.

Poached eggs on top of salads. What is that even about? Poached eggs go on toast, duh. With a small lake of butter. And hot sauce, if you’re from Texas.

Quinoa. Quinoa in everydamnthing. Go away, quinoa, I’m sick of reading about how wonderful you are. If you were in grade school you’d be the tattletale hall monitor and I would never speak to you, even if the school was on fire.

Here’s a fun drinking game you can play alone at home (or at work. I don’t judge): Sit down at the computer with the adult beverage of your choice and pull up www.foodgawker.com . Scroll through the food thumbnails. Every time you see one of the things I just listed, do a shot. Double shot if any of the foods are hailed as “vegan,” “dairy-free,” or “gluten-free.”

You’ll be trashed in fifteen minutes.

You probably shouldn’t really try that, just like you shouldn’t be grouchy, or take up the whole aisle, or drive like you died last Thursday. Be awesome. Don’t drink at work. Move like you’ve got a purpose.

That’s it, kids. That’s all I got.


17 thoughts on “Random Thoughts From My Random Head

  1. Tony G

    I still don’t understand why you don’t have a weekly column in the New York Times or Miami Herald or some other big city newspaper. This was great!

    1. cbythesea

      I just love reading your blogs and never miss one, though not always do I leave a comment. I agree with all you said in this one, we must be related LOL!!!!

  2. Tania @ The Cook's Pyjamas

    I love it that the Paleo movement seems to have missed the fact that whilst cave men didn’t farm, they probably also didn’t have ovens. Try not to stress about the kale movement too much. I read just yesterday that kohl rabi is poised to take kale’s crown for most awesome superfood vegetable.

  3. Ella

    Damn, I love farro. But it’s not gluten free so clearly not groovy enough to be the next big thing (hopefully). Claire, you make my day every time you have a new post! XO!!

    1. Claire Grasse Post author

      Thanks Ella! I actually do like quinoa and kale and I’ve been wanting to try farro. This time next year I’m going to look back and say “ha. I was right!”

  4. Beau 76544

    Oh, my!  Do you feel even a little bit better now?

    A lovely write.  Yep, slow drivers make you wish you had a bulldozer and permission to destroy.

    Good hearing from you.

    Beau/ Althea


  5. Geraint Isitt

    I love a good rant, and this one is a beauty. I’m glad I stumbled on to your blog, fellow expatriate. Another drinking game to get you absolutely trashed in around 5 minutes is “Duck Hunter”. Go on Facebook or Instagram and do a shot every time someone has posted a selfie of themselves doing that “Duck face” look with the puckered lips that is so popular right now. I don’t get it. And I don’t want to go live in North Dakota (even without the grumpy people).

      1. Geraint Isitt

        I’m in Dubai. Spent 5 years in Saudi. A very short plane ride to Kuwait though if I ever feel compelled to detox for a weekend. I have a teacher friend there who is always invited me to come out.

      2. Geraint Isitt

        Although, if I’m honest, I probably drank more in Saudi than I did in Canada!

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